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Family Registration Certificate FRC NADRA Fee Update 2023

Family Registration Certificate (FRC) NADRA Fee Update 2023

Family Registration Certificate along with your birth record confirms what your family is related to you it shows the family relationship so you should know that the family registration certificate FRC is mostly used in embassies it provides assistance in embassies. It can never be used for any legal requirements.

To apply in FRC you can apply under the following categories. The certificate prepared keeping in view the order of birth will contain the details of your family.

For example, the details of your mother, your father, your sister, and your brother will be included in this certificate, and the second married-ready certificate will be the head of your household, in which the details of your life and your children will be included. For adoption, the certificate will include a list of your family along with details of your guardian.

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Required Documents

For Under 18 Years

Bay Form. Presence of one of the parents or guardian including identity card and birth certificate verified Biometric verification of one of the parents or guardian or verification from the verifier as per regulation 9 Nadar Ordinance.

For 18 Years Above

  • If one of the parent’s blood relatives or grandparents is present.
  • Presence of one of the parents or blood relative Grandparents Grandparents including original or copy of identity card and biometric verification
  • If parents or blood relatives grandparents are holders of identity cards. 

Registration Policy

If not present with the applicant Presence of the applicant Parents or blood relatives Grandparents Grandparents Original or copy of any of the following documents Bay form or matric equivalent educational documents or mark sheet or domicile or local Certificate or Passport or Birth Certificate attested. 

And identity card form verification as per regulation. If the parents or blood relatives or grandparents or maternal grandparents are ID card holders but are not present with the applicant and the applicant does not have the above documents.

Original identity card of applicant’s present parents or blood-competent grandparents. and Biometric testimony by an ID card holder including an affidavit collected and satisfactorily investigated by the case officer and verified by the verifier as per regulation 9 NADRA ordinance.

Family Registration Certificate FRC NADRA Fee Update 2023

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FRC Certificate

We are going to tell you how to make online FRC in this step-by-step guide on how you can earn online FRC at home. Regarding online FRC, there are two types of FRC, one by birth and one by marriage. Birth means it will include your siblings and parents while in the case of bi-marriage, it will include your wife, your children, and a husband who is applying.

These three will be included in it so to get FRC we have to go to the respective website in which ID NADRA.com will go up then apply here then apply on no then when on it Clicking will show two types of IDs.


 If you have logged in before then it will show if you are new then an ID will be shown for registration then you have to click on one of them then your first one in it That name will be shown. After that, your password will be shown. A code will come along with it, after doing this you have to proceed, when you proceed, you have to click on accept and continue here. 

After that, you have to click here again to apply online. So the options below will be different if you have applied before it will also be shown below that you have applied for someone else’s job earlier so here we have applied for FRC. have to do So, we will click on New and after clicking on New we have to see that the option that we have to select here is the first option that we have to select.

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Identity of documents why is the identity of CNIC or family up to apply for family FRC after clicking on it you have to click on start application. After that it will proceed then the options below will appear then what is in it is the person who is applying applicant is his photograph because he is applying for fleets. And for that, you have to pay the fee. 

Your photograph should be posted online, and then the applicant’s CNIC will come here, so I will write his CNIC here. I give it, but the person who is applying to you should have his/her own photograph, meaning here it will be father or mother, then his/her photograph should also be posted online.

So here we will connect to FRC after writing NSC and again what is there will be marked with Greek, which means what is the FRC person who was applying.

Accepted. After submitting the application, go down and you can upload the photograph here through the Pak ID app. He will upload his photograph. See this, we are applying for an employee, so we have uploaded his photograph.

So after playing it out, you can do it very easily next option will be done. So what is the relationship of the person who is applying with other people? Meaning, that if it is the father, then the wife who is his will come.

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