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How Can I Verify Driving License Online in Punjab 2023-24?

How Can I Verify Driving License Online in Punjab?

This article will tell you how can I verify Driving license. A driving license must be obtained before driving. Because it is a crime to drive your vehicle without obtaining documents from the government of Pakistan.

Driving licenses for motorcycles, cars, commercial vehicles, and others are also issued by the traffic police department to assess the applicant’s driving skills. If that person passes the test. So the authority has to issue licenses from them. 

which can be allowed to drive on the road. If you drive without a license, you may be issued a challan or fine. And your car can also be impounded. The government of Pakistan has established an institution for the registration of the driving license program in the police station of each tehsil. In which they teach you to drive and also issue you a license.

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How Can I Verify Driving License Online in Punjab 2023-24?

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Required Documents For Permanent License

  • Application form inside file cover
  • Original learner permit of at least 6 weeks
  • Medical certificate
  • Passport size recent 3 photographs
  • Attested copy of CNIC
  • Affix the required fee ticket on the license document.
  • Slip for depositing Rs.100 in any branch of Habib Bank
  • After completing the documents, the applicant can visit any nearby office and take the test to get the license.

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How Can I Verify Driving License Online in Punjab 2023-24?

Fake License Issue

Be careful there are some corrupt elements. Those who mislead people by legal procedures for license principle. And they say that you will be given a license without taking a test. And they get huge money from these people. And give them fake licenses. And if they drive on the road using this license, the patrolling police catch them. That is why the government of Pakistan has informed you about this. How Can I Verify Driving License:

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Traffic Police

Punjab Police has introduced an online system to prevent fake licenses. The Driving License Issuance Management System automates the process of issuing, renewing, and upgrading driving licenses.

These activities are done throughout the province of Punjab. Through this online system, you can check your eligibility for the driver’s license program online at home. And can get your driving license.

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