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Masawaat Program Online Registration New Update 2023

Masawaat Program Online Registration New Update 2023

The Masawaat Program is a program to give transgender people their basic rights. The Punjab Authority program was started because poverty in the country of Pakistan had increased at such a rate that the poor people were living their lives with great difficulty.

So, to provide help to these people, the Punjab Protection Program was started so that the poor people can be informed about their protection as well.

Apart from this, the PSPA program is also monitoring the protection of education, health, social assistance, etc. Currently, this program is providing cash to more than 730,085 people.

That is, this jewel of education is providing financial support to UCT and about 67,059 working people. Punjab Social Authority was created in the country of Pakistan. It is a great institution which is providing help to poor people to many extents and many close people have benefited a lot from this program.

This program is developing day by day, this program is trying to provide help to many poor people in the country of Pakistan, and to many extents have benefited from this program.

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Masawat Program

As it happens in many countries, transgenders are not given their personal rights, so many measures are being taken to remove their socio-cultural-economic problems. So that they also get personal rights and these people are often released in areas where poverty is high and there are poor development events.

Masawaat Program Online Registration New Update 2023-24

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These weaknesses have been made a key group for poverty in the country. To fulfill this need, a SWAT program has been started in PSPA. This program provides financial assistance to the elderly, disabled, poor people, and transgender people. Because of this, monthly money is also given to these people, of which 3000 is given to trans people per month.

The objectives of this program are as follows,

  • Transgender people are typically excluded from public services and programs.
  • Its purpose is to provide livelihood and education accommodation services.
  • Transgender people have been promoted.
  • Their productive assets and income have also increased.
  • Apart from this, transgenders should be removed from unemployment and employment should be provided to them.

In order to improve the health of transgender people i.e. to protect them from health shocks, we should provide employment to transgender people so that they can improve their life and quality of life.

Masawaat Program Online Registration New Update 2023

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In 2013, the World Bank took many steps to provide security to various departments. In 2013, 60 billion rupees were spent on these departments. In order to make these departments more aware, the report recommended the Social Protection Authority, due to which more attention was paid to its social security and it was made stronger. PSPA was registered by the Punjab Provincial Assembly on 14 April 2015.

which means it was approved. The Punjab Social Authority has been created through an Act. Its law was also included in the PSPA precisely by the PSPA. Because of this program provides more help to them. Therefore, transgenders should get their qualification in this program and create a source of employment.


  • The federal government has also strengthened the sector of this program. 
  • For the poor, the rich, and the weak people, i.e.
  • for their welfare, many laws have not been implemented, and the problems have been distributed fairly with caution. 
  • The efficiency of the social sector was evaluated. 
  • A lot of data was collected about the poor and vulnerable for poverty eradication and social protection.
  • Lear market regulations are also being included to identify fly beneficiaries and inform the delivery mechanism of the craze.

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