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National Poverty Graduation Programme in Pakistan 2023-24

National Poverty Graduation Programme in Pakistan 2023-24

National Poverty Graduation Programme: BISP is the abbreviation of the Benazir Income Support Program. The purpose of this program was to reduce the poverty rate in the country of Pakistan. This program was started to pay tribute to Mrs. Benazir Bhutto and this program was started in 2008 considering the situation in the country.

Many poor people are benefiting from this program to date. Benazir has reduced the rate of poverty in the country to many extents, even after her death, the money from the Benazir Income Support Program is being distributed and many poor people are taking full benefit from this program.

Therefore, if you also want to register in this program, you can also register in this program easily. In this program, money is given to people who do not have a government job and income is not more than 50000.

It is not done, so you have to follow these conditions to register for this program. So if you want to register in this program then follow the conditions of BISP and after that, you will be registered in this program. National Poverty Graduation Programme:

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National Poverty Graduation Programme in Pakistan 2023-24

To provide support to the poor and deserving people in the country of Pakistan through the National Poverty Graduation Program and Agriculture. At present, its lead programs have been implemented in each district and in each region in the four provinces of Pakistan so that the poor people can be helped in time.

The purpose of this program is to help the poor people in Pakistan who cannot meet their household expenses. Due to this inflation, the life of these people is very difficult, so they have to improve their life by giving them monthly financial assistance. National Poverty Graduation Programme:

Therefore, many poor people have been registered in this program and have improved their lives to a large extent. At that time, this program was started in the country of Pakistan, but its trend has been mostly done in Punjab because poverty was very high in Punjab.

More attention was given to this program in the decade areas of Punjab because people in Punjab are poor as soon as they are laborers, therefore they have benefited to a large extent from this program. Is. This program has also been taken full advantage of for the development of the social economic corridor. National Poverty Graduation Programme:

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Social Mobilization and Programme Management:

There are two main components of this program that you have been informed about,

  • The first purpose of making it is to end poverty in the country and to end the profiteering business because it has made many people mercenary.
  • Apart from this, their finances are managed so that they are debt-free and their livelihood is benefited.

All the programs that are running at the moment are being run along with those mentioned below,

  • In addition to climate change, community training has been provided on mitigation.
  • There is also a session with families on diet.
  • There is also training to be done around the gender village.
  • The youth should be employed to create busy activities.
  • Justice with gender and nutritional environment is also to be established.

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Assets Transfer: In December 2022, 107,510 families were given money from this program, and financial assistance was provided in Punjab and rural areas of the country with vehicles milk-carrying bikes, and digital skills so that poor people could run their own businesses.

Livelihood Training: In December 2022, 88,971 people were trained in the program to join the enterprise development program to improve their lives and take care of their children’s education with the assets and interest-free loans given to them. 

Interest-Free Loan: In December 2022, 145,702 IFL SIM beneficiaries were accepted into this program.

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